Note: There will be an additional $25.00 fee for emergency pickups, and drop offs. We have trained staff for front of house, ONLY during our business hours. Business hours are strictly enforced due to code Enforcement.Thank you.
Pet Motel & Spa 

Monday - Thursday- Friday.....8:30am-9:30am.....11:30pm-12:30PM.....7:00PM-7:30PM
 Saturday - Sunday.....8:30am-9:30am.....7:00PM-7:30PM


Our Pet Motel features 
climate controlled kennels in 2 sizes,
each with individual runs with canine grass (keeping your pets paws
off the hot concrete). Soft music is also played throughout the day
for your pets comfort. Our Cat Condos are located in a private room 
indoors. We have a play yard with canine grass and we provide two play
sessions daily (with tuition). We have an excellent sanitation system,
and we receive Professional Pest Control monthly. 
Owner is on premises.

We provide a loving, happy and relaxed environment for your pet. Proof of
current shot records, including: rabies,DHpp2 and bordetella. This is for
your animals protection and safety. Flea and tick control is also required.
Bordetella and frontline sold here. Please bring an adequate amount of food.
No big bags if possible. Treats,toys and bedding is also allowed. Make sure
that you label them though. No food bowls please. We are not to be held
responsible for damaged bedding or toys. 

CANCELATION POLICY: Cancellations must be made 48 hours in advance,or a cancellation
fee of $25.00 will be added to your next visit. Bath's need to be scheduled in advance.
Grooming upon availabilty. 

Spa Treatment

Treat your pet like royalty with these affordable extra! 
We offer these spa treatments to our Pampered Pets. 
Aromatherapy- Lavender scents fill the air and bath to relax and calm your pet. 
$12.00 Includes Blow Dry and Perfume 
Pedicure- Let us clip and file your dogs nails  
Plain Nail trim: $ 10.00
Full grooms can be arranged in advance for Grooming Salon.
Massage, Brushing, Belly Rubbing or Outdoor Play- We
will sit in your pets domain while we perform the service
of your choice; gently massaging aching muscles, brushing
them or just cuddling. Outdoor play is individual and
involves your pets favorite activity (fetch, pool time, or
$10.00 per 20 minutes 

Daily routine in Dog Designs Pet Motel

8:00 am -               Doors open to runs.   Breakfast served.
8:30-9:30 am        Clients come and go
9:30-11:30             Play groups in yard
11:30-12:30           Doors open to runs, Clients come and go, play sessions (weather permitted)
12:30 -3:00             Quiet time,cuddle sessions spa music played, lights out. bath time.
3:00 - 5:30pm        nap time
5:30-6:00               Supper served
6:00- 7:00              Dog-Park play...swimming, off leash fun (park pass required)
7:00-7:30               Clients come and go
7:30-8:00 pm        Tuck in, beds fluffed, good night kisses, biscuit and bed time. Lights out, music
3x16   1 dog.....$23.00
            2nd dog..$10.00
4x16    1 dog......$25.00
           2nd dog...$10.00
Cats    $20.00 xtra $10
Phone:  ( 863)314-9883             Fax:    ( 863)314-9806
email me
701 Thunderbird HIll Rd.
Sebring, Florida  33872
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Built in 2006, this kennel is equipped with climate controlled indoor/outdoor runs, K-9 grass, and lots of security. Owner on premises, and access to the 3 1/2 acre Dog-Park, makes this kennel unique.
Dog-Park Play passes
We offer Play passes in our 31/2 acre Dog-Park, while your dog is in our care. For $5.00 a day  ($3.00 for park members and/or extra dog), our staff will supervise your dog while they have free play in the park with their friends. Here your pet will be able to swim in our 40x60 swimming hole, romp and get dirty on our 6 ft. "Hill", and just be able to socialize and get rid of the pent up energy from being kenneled.
We highly recommend this for your pet.(It allows pet to distress, they eat and sleep better after a good play.)
 Dog's must pass temperament test, and not be in heat to attend.

We Love all breeds, however...We respect and abide by the "Punkin Curtis Act 2011",  We do not  accept  Pitt Bull Terriers, in The Bark Park, or boarding facility.