Grooming Salonn
Shih Tzu    Lhasa       Maltese,   Pekingese
Schnauzer        Wire fox
Pomeranian   Westie
Poodles       Scotty'
$ 55.00
Bichon Frise
Cocker Spaniels-
   $ 60.00        shelties
Labs shavedown
medium size breed
 $ 85.00-$120.00
Standard Poodles
Chow-Chow   golden retrievers
Old English   Large breed
 Phone:  863.314.9883
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Welcome to Highlands County's AWARD WINNING Salon
Appointment Times 

Our grooming facility is open: 

Tues thru Thursday

Appointments are made in quarterly intervals each hour 

Dogs are groomed in the order they are received. Some dogs take longer due to the breed or coat condition. 

Pet owners will be called when their pet is finished. You may pick them up then or at closing. A charge of $2.00 every 5 minutes will be added after closing.

PLEASE do not come for your pet before being called. It is 
too difficult to calm your dog after it has heard or seen you, and more 
difficult on your pet thinking that you left him again

Deluxe Bath

We use professional, top of the line, quality 
Shampoos and Conditioners. We will hand pick a 
specific Shampoo for your dogs skin type. Be it 
Hypo-Allergenic for sensitive skin; Tea-Tree Oil for itchy 
skin; Medicated for irritated skin; or Whitener for 
a bright clean coat. We have many to choose from. 
This is included in your groom price. Aromatherapy 
is available in our Spa Package.

Flea Control 

Nobody likes fleas, including your pet. So if your dog has
fleas, we will automatically bathe your dog in an All Natural 
Flea Shampoo and condition their skin. A $10.00 small dog, $20.00 flea charge will 
be added to your regular grooming price. We also carry Frontline Plus; A once a month topical flea treatment that protects your pet 
from fleas and ticks.


Here at Dog Designs, our #1 priority is the well-being and 
comfort of your pet. Matts are a health issue because the 
skin under the matt has no access to air, therefore causing 
hot spots and sores. Brushing can be EXTREMELY painful to 
your pet. If your dog has a few small matts, we can work 
them out for a fee of $5.00 per 15 min. brush time. We will 
not dematt a severe case and will only recommend the dog be 
shaved down. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding
in this matter.

Teeth Brushing 

Keeping your dogs teeth and gums healthy is a big part of your pets 
well-being. For a 1st time fee of $15.00, your dog will receive its 
own toothbrush and for $5.00 each visit after, we will maintain a clean 
mouth and fresh breath by brushing. Please remember this service is NOT 
a substitute for professional vet cleanings.

Unhappy Pets 

It is our goal to make your pet as comfortable as possible during 
their time here. Some pets do not like getting groomed or bathed 
and can be difficult to handle. An unhappy pet is more likely to 
get injured or injure one of our staff during the grooming process. 
For cases such as these, we have a $10.00 + handling fee. For extreme 
cases, tranquilizers might be needed. In this case, we ask you to 
obtain the tranquilizers from a vet and administer it prior to our 
grooming session. We always have the health and safety of your pet 
in mind, as well as the safety of our grooming staff.

Express Service 

If you are short on time and need to pick up your pet ASAP, or 
you have an elderly pet or stressed pet not able to cope well 
in unfamiliar places, we offer our Express Service. $5.00 extra 
allows you to pick up your pet at or before 11:00am. Limited to 
2 spots a day, you must have pet here by 8:30am.
For large, furry dog's allow more time for drying.
NOT recommended for dog's with limited standing ability.

Cancelation Policy 

Here at Dog Designs, we understand life sometimes changes our 
plans and you may need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. 
No Problem! We just ask as a courtesy, to let us know at least 
24 hours in advance, so we can fill the space.

Day Care 
Do you need to go out of town for the day? 

Do you just want a little play time or socialization for your dog? 

Day Care is the answer. 

As long as your pet is spayed or neutered and can get along 
with others, they are welcome to join us in our daycare. 

Open 9:00am - close (3:30 pm) Grooming Salon 
Cost is $3.00 per hour.
Indoor & Outdoor play yard. 

Open 9:00 am pick up at 7:00pm at Pet Motel & Spa 
Cost is $20.00 a full day, pickup time for full day is at 7:00pm.
$10.00 for half day, pickup time for half day is at 11:30pm. 

No-Show Policy 

If you forget your appointment, we allow one no-show. Two no-shows, however, will result in 
the termination of service. However, if you choose to stay, a reinstatement 
fee of $50.00 will apply before your next appointment. This is only to make 
up for the two appointments unable to be filled. 

Please remember, we are a high volume Grooming Salon. Please call early to 
make your appointments.

701 Thunderbird HIll Rd
Sebring, Florida 33872
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